Home Made Energy Secrets – Clear your power bill !

Home Made Energy Secrets - Clear your power bill ! If you’re thinking about using alternative energy to reduce your electricity bill, then you’ve come to the RIGHT place.

In the next lines, you’ll find out the result of my search for Home Made Energy efficient products.

When I first searched online for alternative energy solutions that I could do myself, I expected to be able to get the answers immediately.

I quickly found that the information I could get was extremely limited and insufficient to start my project.  Not only that, but when I was able to find advices, it was usually not detailed enough and It was a waste of time…  

It was extremely frustrating at first! Then I stumbled upon The Solution…

After a lot of frustration and countless hours of searching, I discovered a quality guide that allowed me to finalise my first project.  


This was a real success, I remember my joy and great feeling when I could see the electricity counter turning in the reverse order, and showing the produced electricity.


Home Made Energy Secrets DIY – Do It Yourself Products:

Here are the two websites I found.  They really changed my life.  You don’t need to follow both of course, but In my case I found valuable information in each one.

1. Earth4Energy (our recommended product): how to make power at home with solar and wind energy

2. Home Made Energy: other option to make your own solar and wind energy


I had no idea at the time, but the two sites above are the most popular for Do It Yourself alternative energy products on the internet. I also found those 2 interesting products which are more original methods but also works very good:

3. Nicolas Tesla Secret: how to generate free electricity by building a Tesla Energy Device

4. Solar Stirling Plant: build a Solar Energy generator requiring limited space.

Hopefully the information is useful, but the only thing that’ll actually solve your problem is taking action!

The advantages of these solutions compared to doing a full installation by a company is that you can start with a very small installation at low cost.  You also understand very well how it works as you did it yourself, and you have full control on it.  It also allows you to try different technologies, and choose the one that better suits your needs.  And once you have done substantial earnings thanks to the decrease of your power bill, you can use this money to make grow your installation, until you become fully independent of external energy providers.

What I suggest you do to reach this goal is check out one of the Home Made Energy products I mentioned above.  You’ll be able to find out exactly how much they cost (no worry, they’re not expensive regardless to the amount of money they will make you win!), and what they include.


This website also propose articles on the subject of Alternative energies and Home Made Energy, there are also reviews of the products proposed here (we have tried different products and only propose on our site the ones that gave good results).

Other sources of information:

Recent search terms: home made energy, alternative energy solutions, how to reduce power bill  

Here is a short video explaining the alternative of renewable energies:



Home Made Energy - Earth4Energy product